Friday, June 20, 2008


We had to run an emergency errand late this afternoon. I didn't really mind, because it had poured all day and we had been couped up in the house. Since Bryant was really good all day, we surprised him and brought him to this really cool park. Yes, the weather had much improved! He loved it and had a blast. He ran all around like a crazy monkey. Here are few fun pics that I took:

He can now cross the monkey bars all by himself. This is a big accomplishment. He could not do this without assistance, just a few months ago:

Just looking CUTE on the tire swing:

I have to say, I am not from Massachusetts, but do live here at the moment. I have to say today I saw two of the craziest signs. I had to take pics! The first one is this:

Very strange indeed! AND then I saw this! What???!! Only here...

Still working on LO's for 'Got Sketch 101'. I am kinda digging this 2 page LO. It has been a while since I have done a two pager. Finally got to scrap these pics from a class I took with Tim Holtz last August. I just scrapped these and I am going to be taking a class with him next week! :-)
This is the whole LO:

To see it better, here is page one:

And here is page two:

I also just recieved my new Paper Jam Studio kit for my July projects. Lots of scrappin' to do. Very busy. Very excited! TGIF!!!


karen akaliz said...

look at the sky in those pics from the park! so pretty. looks like fun. those signs are wacked! you should send those in to jay leno or something. weird.

love the lo from the tim class. looks like you had fun!

ricanlaw said...

Great pics. Looked like a beautiful day. Funny about the signs ha. Listen I am digging how you did a photo flip on the layout with Tim Holtz.

walesk said...

cute pictures and pages!!
have fun scrapping :)

Davinie said...

Have a burger for breakfast? lol! Great pages, Dawn!

Greta said...

Looks like a great time at the park! Your signs are great - I love coming across humorous ones. There's a church right by our house that always has funny ones that I get a kick out of. Way to get your scrap on!

Anonymous said...

I swear I take my boys there... Funway Park is just that :-) My husband brew up playing tennis there.
Love the layouts and lucky girl... Tim rocks. I am going take a class with him in September, can't wait!
Anne aka anniescraps

Anonymous said...

don't love typos... he didn't brew there as far as I know...he grew up there tho ;-)

Nicole said...

great pics and that layout is Awesome!!