Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Lots of changes going on at my workplace. A couple of "Big Wigs" are now just gone! It is all just so surprising and a bit scary. It does not really affect my job directly, but it does affect me personally. Hard to explain! Just trudging on. Today they are having a big cookout/employee appreciation day. Kind of good timing, huh?? It is going to be sponsored by R & L Carriers to thank us for our business. They will also be bringing their Nascar showcar that is driven by Matt Kennseth. Should be fun!! Since it involves anything Nascar, everyone has been coming to me with questions. Questions about who drives the car, questions about the driver, the sponsor etc. I am the reigning expert, I guess. (HA!) Anyways, speaking of Nascar, I wanted to share a few pictures from Loudon. One is of the winner (Clint Bowyer in the Jack Daniels sponsored car) and one of me (worlds greatest Tony Stewart fan!) Have a great day!!!

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