Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Hero Fun

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I saw the cutest..umm..I mean coolest thing on pinterest via the fabulous Kelly GoreeOne of the great things about pinterest is that a creative idea is pinned and re-pinned, so eventually one of your friends may find something cool and just by luck, it may catch your eye. This is how I discovered these awesome Super Hero Valentines :
They are so colorful and fun:
Easy to make and fun to receive:
I admit, I came across the idea a bit late (2 days before Valentines Day!), but I thought that they would be fun to give out to my co-worker friends in our morning meeting today:
Who doesn't love a superhero (and candy!)?
So cool!
So happy I came across this idea.
So  fun to make.

Happy belated Valentines Day!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

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mommy2alex said...

Flippin adorable!!!!!!!!!
Such a sweet coworker, I know they must all love you!