Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ten more reasons for me to smile...

1.) This cute little guy (okay not so little anymore, but still cute all the same!) is heading back to school soon....

2.) This new Ben Affleck movie (that was filmed in Boston) is coming out soon. I am so excited!!

3.) B & I saw this movie recently and we loved it!

4.) I just finished this book and I have to say it is the best book that I read in a looonng time.

...and currently I am reading this book, that I have been anxiously awaiting for.

5.) I just bought this CD and it is very country...and I really like it. He was the opening act at the New England Country Music Festival.....

6.) ...which is where I also saw Darius Rucker...

....and Jason Aldeen....

...and (the headliner) Brad Paisley...Yes, I was this close to him!

7.) Pocket Money starts back up on NESN in just a few days...woo hoo!

This gal adores the host "Fitzy".

8.) Despite a few bad games lately, I still love JB!

9.) AND one of my other favorite players, Jed Lowrie, is doing awesome!

10.) Patriots regular season football is starting in a couple weeks. The preseason games have gotten everyone all hyped up and we are all so excited to see (even if only for a few minutes a game right now!) the amazing Wes Welker. Love this guy!

I have also been scrappin' too. Trying to finish up the last couple of LO's for the Kelly Purkey online sketch class that I was taking. Hopefully, I will be able to share soon. I have been having photo editing issues. Really hoping to get that fixed soon.
Til then...Happy Scrappin'
& TFL!!!!!

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mommy2alex said...

Those are some awesome smile makin things!!!
That music festival sounds like it was AmAzzzing...great singers! I am lovin Darius Rucker right now, being a HUGE Hootie fan! ;)