Monday, July 12, 2010

I (heart) Josh

We headed out to the Paw Sox game yesterday with one thing in mind....seeing the amazing Josh Beckett make his first re-hab start on his way back to the Red Sox starting line up.

We made good time in getting to Pawtucket, RI and headed straight to the stadium...

We were greeted outside by the adorable mascots 'Paw' & 'Sox'.

Loved this huge statue of 'Paw' out front.

This was a cute little photo cove they had at the park.

Batter up!

It was really a nice stadium.

But, again, the main reason we came (along with hundreds of other people) was to see Josh Beckett pitch.

Good times!

Good times indeed!
After the game we stopped for a couple of souveniers. Love the Paw Sox symbol. the bear paws hugging the red sox. How cute is that?

And really? How hot is Josh? He had a great day! He pitched 4 innings (wish it had been longer!) didn't issue any walks and struck out four against Syracuse, throwing 42 of 68 pitches for strikes. He topped out at 96 miles per hour on the McCoy Stadium radar gun. Amazing and it can only get better!

So glad we were there to see it.
Totally Awesome!!

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Ki said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Great mascots and lots of places for photo opportunities hey?? Very cool!