Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simply Me

Wow! I have to say that I have been doing great with scrapping at least one LO a week. Thanks to the 52 weeks of 'Stress Free Scrapbooking' challenge by Janna. Yes, it has been the kick in the butt I have needed for a while, to give me back my mojo. And yes, I am patting myself on the back for getting yet anothe LO completed. It is now week 5 and the challenge is this:

" This week I challenge you to scrapbook TODAY...whatever today is for you...just a regular day, an exciting day...just be real and journal your heart."

So here this is it. A 'naked' pic of me, that was actually taken on Halloween day. Very simple. Very basic. No make up (and looks like I might have needed my brows done-LOL!), just enjoying the day...


Happy Scrappin'!!!


Debbie said...

Good job! I always need my eyebrows done... LOL
I seriously need to scrap.

Pam said...

Oh you are a brave girl! I would never let my photo be taken with no makeup never mind scrap it! :) Great page AND photo!

I need to scrap too! We need to have a scrap night!

mommy2alex said...

What a gorgeous layout! I love the colors and all of the yummy layers! :)
Janna has given me a mojo kick too, lovin her challenge!