Saturday, July 26, 2008

Go Tony Go!!!

Tony Stewart , my FAVORITE Nascar driver, is moving on. Moving on up, I am happy to say. He has announced that he will be leaving Joe Gibbs Racing and starting his own race team, Stewart-Haas racing, for 2009. This is so exciting! Look how happy he is:

Yesterday he revealed his new car sponsors (Office Depot & Old Spice) and his new #...14 (in honor of his hero A.J. Foyt). Look he's winking at me! LOL! :-)

So this will be the last year of this;

I will follow Tony, where ever it may lead. That is the life of a true Nascar fan. The only bad thing is, now I gotta buy all NEW stuff. I better start saving up!


Greta said...

It's good to see he picked a winning number! ;) That's been my hockey number almost every year I've played.

Moon said...

he is fast and cute too lol
Hugs Moon

karen m. (akaliz) said...

i'm not big on NASCAR but it will be weird to see him not in the orange suit. maybe now we can shop at home depot again. (my son like #48)

:) have a great week girlie!