Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cupcakes Anyone??

Today was my last workday...until Monday. So we celebrated my B-day (a little early) with some cupcakes made by my co-worker friend Liz. She made a bunch, but I was able to keep 3 to take home to the fam! Don't they look yummy??? Cute little corner view of my desk too!!

Tomorrow I pack, and I stress, and I am sure I am going to forget something...but I am going to CHA!!! Can you believe it?? WOW!!!

Now I need some sleep. Night, night all... :-)


Kristii said...

Have a blast girl!! Those cupcakes look delicious!! Hopoe you have a happy day!!

Denise said...

Why are you not taking your sister with you to CHA? LOL! Have a great time. I expect a full report on your return home. I guess I am the bossy older sister, yes?

BTW...happy early birthday!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! Have a blast at CHA!! I'm sooooo jealous!

laverneboese said...

Oh happy early Birthday! See you at CHA!!