Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here Comes the Sun..

Yesterday I pulled into the driveway and look what was waiting for me:

Oh more than a little sunshine! Smile! Look at all the pretty colors. It is starting to feel a lot like Spring now!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny, 70 degree day. I took a little ride on my lunch hour to just enjoy the day and I ended up here. Michael's is right around the corner. Very convenient and very enabling. LOL! Check out this beautiful cloud-free sky. What do you think Aleida??

Just 2 weeks ago, I took these pictures on my way into work. YUCK!!


YUCK!! I hope today was a sign that these days are behind us!

Anyways, here is something that makes me smile. The new 'Dude' line by Prima is finally available. I have been anxiously awaiting for this. Isn't it COOL?!! I can't wait to get my hands on it and play!

Oh and one last thing...last but not least...David Cook is still on American Idol and that makes me smile. I guess I got a thing for hot young rockers. I just LOVE him!!!
A Helfpul ReminderD. Cook
Sweet Dreams!!


2H Design said...

Dude... I hear ya about the yuk... it was snowing here yesterday! Sigh... where is spring!

Great idol choice, btw!

And yeah for yummy calico... mine arrived yesterday too! :)

Ally said...

Oh he is just too yummy. Love me some DC!

ricanlaw said...

I love the clear skies, finally you get some weather lovin. Hey your Michael's looks nicer than mine! You got yourself some nice SC goodness. I'm so glad you joined and are over there with me. ;)

karen akaliz said...

yummy package! eh-hem...the SC, that is!

david is cute too but i'm devastated about michael!

nice to see the weather is clearing up for you!

Nicole said...

have fun with your's a fun one!! and i {heart} David Cook as well!!


ahardy said...

you have such a *cute* blog girl!