Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have been having the best time with Janna's class. Almost (I said almost) as good as taking a class with her in person. LOL!! Here are some pictures of my version of project #2. It is called "heart*felt photo garland".

Here are some close-ups:

It is all about my son, Bryant!

What a COOL dude!!

I also have been blessed with some 'Happy Mail' this week. I LOVE happy mail. I have made some of the greatest friends through the scrapbooking community and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. It really makes me so happy!!! These goodies came from Mia. Aren't they amazing?!!!

She had already sent me this for the Easter swap at Studio Calico . Look at all the AMAZING stuff she sent me!! All together 'WOW!' She added the extra 'Boy' items after. Look at those COOl boy papers. She got them from an Austalian company call Kaiser . A few companies are actually (finally!) coming out with some really cool boy lines. There are a few out there that I really LOVE. This is definately one of my new favorites!!

Guess what else I got? I got the 'Threading Water' punch by Fiskars from my SWEET friend Aleida . This punch is all the rage on the message boards at Studio Calico. Everybody wants one and now I have one! Thanks Aleida!!! I am so EXCITED!!!

I wanted to share one more thing. I LOVE class kits! Especially when they are from some of my favorite people. I aquired this mini school album from the AMAZING Debbie Hill . Isn't it cute!

If want a kit, you can get one here.

Still having fun! Glad it is the weekend! Happy crafting!!!!


Stacy said...

You posted the school book just for me , right? LOL. You knew I would have to have it!!!!!

Nicole said...

good mail week indeed!!

glad you got your hands on th epunch...Aleida is a doll!!


Denise said...

A lot of work went into making yoru garland. It is great and will be cherished for a long time!

Aleida and Mia, they are the best! Love that Kaiser paper and the elusive Threading Water punch. I love mail days like that!

ricanlaw said...

Do you realize how loved you are. I am so glad that you got all that stuff, you so deserved it and Mia freaking rocks. Hello I want some of that paper! Gotta chat with her on where to get it. :)

Seriously that punch is just a small thing. Hopefully I can do more later. I appreciate you very much Dawn. Your friendship is a great gift to me. Thank you and much love girl.


JannaScraps said...

YOU ROCKED the garland sister!! How fun is that!??

And you are one lucky girl to get all this fun! jw

Sharie said...

Cool heartfelt, what fun happy mail and love that mini book. Enjoy the leftovers of your weekend!

karen akaliz said...

cute, cute, cute!!! love the school folder mini!

Amanda Barras said...

Very cool garland!!! I hope you are enjoying this class as much as I am!


TAMI said...

LOVE that your garland is ALL BOY! I am always on the hunt for great boy papers for my lil man. Janna's class is not only FUN but it is also introducing me to other great scrapbookers!!

MaryC said...

Okay, your garland is HOT! Really great take on the class project. And I am so jealous of all your goods. I am especially jealous of your punch!

Erin Bassett said...

Awesome garland!! I love how it turned out.
Also, congrats on getting that TW punch...I'm still hunting it down.

kathy marie said...

love your garland its so cute!!! what nice gifts too!!!

Sonda T said...

Dawn...what a great looking garland! I love the patriotic colors. and yep, that is one COOL dude! hee hee
such great stuff you got in the mail..happy mail is the best!

mommy2alex said...

Love your garland, the stars with the hearts are awesome!!
I'm so jealous that you got that punch, I cannot wait to get one!!
That school book is awesome, I'm looking and looking at it trying to figure out how to make one - maybe you could come teach me!?!

Susan said...

Your garland rocks! The pictures are perfect for it! :-)