Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Pink is a color that I do not use often, but given the chance I love to get all pink and girly. My co-worker friend Heather, has the cutest little dog. She sent a pic to me recently. Little Viisi was getting ready for her prom at her doggie day care. Love her little PINK dress. It was the funniest little pic and it made me smile. I was inspired to create. So I came up with the layout below and framed it it up. It now hangs in her office. It makes her smile. It makes us all smile.

I finally got a chance to use a spa gift card I had gotten this past Christmas. My first pedi of the season. It was wonderful! Wish I could do it every week. We only have a couple of months to go barefoot here in New England. Got to make it count. Love my new-ly polished PINK toes!

Not that I needed this, but it was a sweet gesture. One of our local sales reps, that we love, but sometimes brings me a little extra work at some of the busiest times, brought me in this little PINK doughnut. He actually bought our whole department breakfast. I am always asking him if he brought me icecream, but he showed up with this. He said this is better. Well, that is debatable, but again a sweet gesture all the same.

Happy humpday!

Happy Scrappin'!!

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mommy2alex said...

That is the cutest lil puppy!! Love the layout that you made to go with it, so awesome!
Your tootsies look great, need to get a pedi myself!
I think I'd rather have ice cream too!!