Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Remember this? This was a layout I did based on a Pencil Lines DT sketch a while back. Though I absolutely love this layout, I knew something was missing. I had an additional 5 pictures of B (that were all equally as cute!) that were taken at the same time, but I do not usually do too many 2 page layouts... ...but, when last weeks 2nd sketch came out for Club Got Sketch, I got an idea. I was inspired. Valerie's sketch this time around was a 2 pager. Again, not the biggest fan of the 2 pager, so I smooshed (again! See previous post) the 2 pager together to create a one page layout, with parts and pieces from each and came up with this:
...but here is the kicker, that 2 page sketch that I 'smooshed' together, actually became my second page for this:

Go figure. Right? Like peanut butter & chocolate. 2 things that go great together. Who knew???

Happy Scrappin!!!


Jessica said...

Love this! Love that you smooshed it together and came up with something fabulous. Just the right thing!

Debbie said...

Love it as a two pager!

Karien said...

He is to adorable. Please check my blof, I have a surprise for you!

Karien said...

I mean blog!