Monday, March 15, 2010

My Baby Turns 10

Today "Mom's Favorite" turns ten. Well, not officially until 6:06 pm. LOL! On Saturday we celebrated big with Grammy & Grampy. First with a very cool Jeff Gordon cake:

The very happy (& patient!) B-day boy:

The best gift i-pod touch:

Check it out:

Then a cool Bumblebee (from Transformers) card from Grammie & Grampie:

Which inside, held the funds to buy this cool Lego set. Which he informed us, was his second favorite gift:

Yesterday, he & Dad went to a cool car show in Boston & had a great time. Not a bad Birthday weekend, I must say. The weather has not been that great, but that did not dampen Bryant's spirits at all!
So Happy Birthday Little Man! You truly are the love of my life!


GretaB said...

Happy Birthday Bryant! He's a lucky kid and looks like a great celebration. :)

Ki said...

Woohoo! Happy Birthday Bryant! WOW that was a terrific cake! And the presents! Score!

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Happy Birthday Bryant!!! Double digits, very exciting indeed. You had a great weekend and may the celebrations continue!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday, Bryant! Can I borrow your iTouch? :o) What a great birthday!

Anilu Magloire said...

Hey, great gifts, Bryant!!! Love the cake.
Happy day, b-day boy!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday bryant. what great gifts!

Pam said...

Happy belated birthday Bryant! It looks like it was an awesome one! I'm jealous I want an Ipod Touch!

mommy2alex said...

What a good birthday for a handsome boy!!
I-pod touch, what a great gift!!