Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Happiness. We all want it. We all need it. Just think about all the things that make you happy. Even the smallest thing that makes you smile and you have this book. I had the opportunity to take an online class recently over at SIS TV , by the fabulous Gretchen McElveen called 'Happiness Is'. Here is a peek at her cover. So CUTE!

I found Gretchen through her design team work at Junkitz and got to meet her this past Summer at CHA. She is so talented and sweet (and a Nascar fan to boot!) Love it!

Here is my completed book from beginning to end. I used one of my past Studio Calico kits ( Sherwood Forrest). Love these colors. Here is my take on the cover:

Loved the pockets with little tags and happy quotes:

All kinds of lists of things that make me smile:

Love this pic of Bryant:

So much fun with the KI lace paper:

The 'centerfold' of the album:

More happiness and a quick pic of my office:

Can't forget my love for Tony (even when he is being a PITA!) LOL!

A pic of Steve and I at our favorite place...the Nascar track:

And I have to say, this pic was taken 'just for kicks' at first, but I love how fun it is and how happy I look:
For signing up for the class, we got this 'bonus kit' to decorate a composition book:

Here is Gretchen's take. Love it:

and here is mine. This is going to make a great sketch pad for me:

I really had a lot of fun with class and realized that it truly is the simple things in life that make me happy!!!

****One more thing...last, but not least..."Happy Birthday Stacy!!!" I did not forget! I know it was yesterday, but we lost power last night and I could not post until today. I hope it was wonderful and we will talk soon!****


Gretchen said...

YAY Dawn!
love your album!
bwhahahaha about Tony being a PITA but he is ahead of Jr. so i won't laugh anymore.
and can my mouth get any teethier??!

Denise said...

Dawn, I completely love your album. You have such a wonderful list of happy things and you used my favorite photo of you - you on the beach. You just radiate in that photo.

HL0517 said...

that is an awesome album. Thanks for sharing w/ us

mommy2alex said...

I just love that album!! So much good stuff going on in there, but my fave is how you used the lace, just delish!!
Please, please, please send me some of your creative mojo, I'm in dire need of some - hehe!
Have a great day girlie!!

Lauren said...

Love that album. The colors are so pretty. Fabulous job!

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Wonderful journal... happiness is... all in how we appraciate those small moments :-) Love the philosphy and the art :-)

Greta said...

fabulous album! what a great reminder to be happy. it looks gorgeous.

NancyJones said...

oh how cuteeee your albums are. LOVE IT!!!!

walesk said...

wow! Dawn the mini is awesome!! I love it. I need to do something like that :)

aimee said...

so freakin lovin those books! the colors are beautiful!

Rita said...

Wow, I love your projects! Love the happiness book...what a fabulous idea, and the comp book is just lovely!

Ki said...

WOW Dawn, your album is totally BAD ASS.... woohoo! Love it!